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send money abroadPay using your debit card, online, or with telephone banking.

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You will automatically receive an email to confirm that your transfer has safely reached its destination. You can also use Azimo to inform your beneficiary that the money is on its way. Usually, your money will arrive by courier at the recipient’s door in less than 24 hours. This is dependent upon security checks, local market conditions in the destination country and of course the time difference.

  1. Log in to your Azimo account, or sign up if you don’t have an account with us yet!
    You can also use Facebook to join in straight away:
  2. Select the ‘Cash Pickup‘ option. This service is available in most of the countries we operate in. Choose the location of the agent or the bank branch at which you would like your beneficiary to collect their money.
  3. Pay using your debit card, online or with telephone banking.

Azimo exchange rates

The exchange rates given when using Azimo fluctuate according to the market rate, but you can check them instantly on the Azimo homepage.

This means you always know the whole cost of your transfer before you go ahead. We will only apply the exchange rate shown at the moment you order your transfer.

Also, the rate shown on the homepage is the best rate that we offer for the respective country. However, this can vary depending on the location and the service required. For many reasons, some locations are harder to reach than others. Therefore, the general rate shown on the homepage may differ from the rate for your specific destination.

Make a charity donation using Azimo

Azimo believes in offering great rates for our customers and saving them money.Whenever you make a transaction you are invited to donate £1 to charity. When you make a transfer, we’ll estimate how much you’ve saved by not using a high street bank. You’ll then be given the option to donate just £1 of your savings to good causes in your destination country.

Using Azimo with Facebook

It’s much easier and more convenient to register with Azimo using your Facebook account. Because all of your family and friends are already connected with you, you can send money with just a few clicks. Just one more way of making life much easier with Azimo.

Sending money has never been so easy. You can invite all your friends and you can choose your beneficiary simply by clicking on the box showing their name and photo. For the personal touch, you can even add a message along with your transfer. Then just press ‘send money’ and your transfer will be on its way!

It’s easy to link your Azimo account with your Facebook account – but this does not mean that activities carried out on Azimo will be posted on your Facebook wall. It just means that you will be able to invite your Facebook friends to join Azimo simply by clicking on the box associated with that person.

Sending limits using Azimo

There’s no upper limit, but for single transfers over £899, or frequent transfers that reach over £899 in a 30 days period, some extra identification will be needed.

To transfer larger amounts, you should click on the ‘Raise your limits’ button in your Dashboard. To do this, you will also need to upload additional documents. Like your other details, this information will be held securely and won’t be shared with third parties.

The minimum transfer amount is £5. If you want to send a large amount of money please contact customer services on 0203 137 0708.

Payout locations

Azimo uses several payout companies across the globe to make sure your transfer is carried out in the fastest way possible, at the lowest price and the best available rate. So, the payout location may sometimes be the same as for one of our competitor companies, even though we have a lower price. If this information doesn’t solve your payout problem, please contact us on 0203 137 0708 or email us at When contacting us please have the MTN (Money transfer number) or Folio Number with you, as these will be needed to address your query.

If you have lost or forgotten your payout location, it can be found in the confirmation email which you received after sending the transfer.

Alternatively, contact Azimo on 0203 137 0708 or email us at When contacting us have the MTN (Money transfer number) and Folio Number with you, as these will be needed to address your query.

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