Get £10 FREE for every friend who joins Azimo!  

Now you and your friends can save money with us. On our website you will see a little drop down menu, pointing the mouse on the right corner on the top of the screen, click then on the button ‘’Get free Money’’.

On the following page you can find your personal invite code (just behind the blue ‘’Facebook’’ button), which your friend needs to use while creating a new Azimo account. 
If you prefer you can share with your friends and family your personal link, via Email, Facebook or Twitter, so they will be directly redirected to our website and the invitation code will be applied automatically.

Every time a friend signs up to Azimo using your invitation code and completes an international transfer (sent to another country and currency) of 100 GBP or more, you’ll get 10 GBP off your next transfer. 

Once signed up, your friend needs to complete the transfer using the code which will be visible on the promo code list, while setting up the transaction. The code will give to your friend a 10 GBP discount so you will both save money! If three friends use your code, you’ll get a 25 GBP bonus.

How it works:

1) Once on your Dashboard, point your mouse on the top of the screen, on the right corner, so a drop down menu will appear. Click on the button ‘’Invite a friend’’
2) Copy your personal invite code and send it out to your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email or messenger.

Now it’s your friend’s turn!

3) You will need to sign up using the invitation code received. Is it possible to do that by clicking on the white button ‘’Sign up’’ on the bottom on the screen, on our  main page. There will be the possibility to Sign up through Facebook, Google or Email

4) Once completed the registration form, on the bottom of the screen there is a button called "I have an invite code", once clicked there, will be visible the field where the code can be used.

That’s it, the account has been created!

5) Now will be necessary to create your first beneficiary and transfer. Its amount needs to be higher or equal than 100 GBP and it must be an international one ( sent to a different country and currency).
While setting up the sending amount and the payment method, please make sure to select the promo code as well, visible on the list located on the same page, just behind the live exchange rate. Only in this way you and your friend will save 10 GBP on the transfer!

6) As soon as the transfer will change status to ‘’Paid’’, your friend will receive a code via email and it will be then given the possibility to save 10 GBP on the next transaction ( which needs to match the same parameters described previously ).

Valid only for transactions above £100. In the event that Azimo reasonably suspects that a user of the service has abused, is abusing, or is attempting to abuse this over or any other promotion, Azimo may, at its sole discretion, deny, withhold, or withdraw any bonus or promotion from any user.

Azimo is the fastest, easiest and safest way to transfer money. 

Sign up now and get your first transfer fee-free.