Delivery method

Local bank deposit

Delivery time

Under 48 hours

*Please note that we don’t process transactions over the weekend or on public holidays (in both the sending and the receiving country).

Minimum amount per transaction

GBP/EUR 10 or equivalent of GBP 10 in SEK/DKK/CHF/NOK

Maximum amount per transaction

GBP 25,000 (or equivalent in EUR/SEK/DKK/CHF/NOK)

Payments to companies


Format of bank details

Please make sure that the routing number you give us is the local/domestic routing number (ACH), not the international (Fedwire) number. This local routing number is a 9-digit code and is usually listed on the bottom left-hand side of the account holder's cheque book.


We can transfer money to any personal or business account in the United States.