Delivery method

Local bank deposit

Delivery time

Same day

*Please note that we don’t process transactions over the weekend or on public holidays (in both the sending and the receiving country).

Minimum amount per transaction

GBP/EUR 10 or equivalent of GBP 10 in SEK/DKK/CHF/NOK

Maximum amount per transaction

No maximum limit

Payments to companies


Format of bank details

In Poland, the IBAN number is composed of 28 alphanumeric characters and is constructed by inserting the country code PL before the NRB number (Polish abbreviation for bank account number), which generates the following format: PL00111111112222222222222222

PL is the country code for the country in which the account is serviced.

00 are the control digits.

11111111 is the 8-digit bank branch number.

2222222222222222 is the 16-digit account number.