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Frequently asked questions 

What is the difference between MTN and Folio?

MTN: This is a unique number used by the sender as a reference for the transaction. With this number you can track your transfer (you can also do this via your dashboard). If you have a query you can contact us, using your MTN for speedy reference.

Folio (Pick-up reference): This is used by the beneficiary. The Folio works in a similar way to a PIN code: Money can only be given to the recipient when the correct Folio number is provided together with Proof of ID.

How can I access Azimo?

To use Azimo you just need an email address and access to a computer or mobile phone. Azimo will save your details so you can send money whenever you want without having to re-enter your information every time. All your details are completely secure and won’t be shared with anyone else.

In which countries can I register and send money with Azimo?

Currently, registered Azimo users can send money from the UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain

Watch this space… We are always expanding and launching in different countries!

How long does a transfer take?

A transfer usually takes just one working day, but please refer to particular country pages to check delivery times. Moreover, the indicated ETAs may vary slightly according to security checks, time differences and market conditions in the destination country.

Please remember that money sent on Fridays or during the weekend (as well as on bank holidays) will not arrive until Monday (or next working day) as we can't send money when banks are closed.

The Azimo website doesn't work when I try to make a transaction

It is highly likely that if the Azimo website isn't working for you, this is due to the browser you are using (i.e Internet Explorer) not being compatible with our website.

The Azimo website isn't optimised for certain web browsers such as Internet Explorer as it is known to be less secure than Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox, unless you have the latest version of Internet Explorer then it should function properly. We are FCA regulated, which signifies that customer security is our top priority.

Do I need to provide any documents?

It depends on the amount of money you are sending and the country you are sending it to.

According to the amount of money sent:

Base tier: up to £899.99 or €899 in a 'rolling' 30 day period requires no documentation although you need to complete all the fields when you register your Azimo account

Tier 1: above £900-£4999.99 or €900 to €4999 during any 30 day period requires PROOF OF ID (any one of below)

  • Scan of passport
  • Full UK driving licence (not provisional)
  • EU member state ID card with photo.

Tier 2: above £5,000-£19,999.99 or €5,000 to €19,999 during any 30 day period requires PROOF OF ID (as above) and PROOF OF ADDRESS

  • Residential utility bill (Except mobile phone bill or payslip)
  • Bank statement
  • Authorised bank letter
  • Landlord letter and landlord bill
  • Employment letter
  • Credit card letter
  • Credit card statement
  • NHS letter / GP card
  • Home Office letter
  • Gas bill
  • Provisional driving license
  • Local council rent card
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Solicitor's letter confirming recent house purchase
  • Official letter from any government body COMPLIANCE FORM (each transfer)

Top tier: above £20,000 or €20,000 a year

  • PROOF OF ID (as above)
  • PROOF OF ADDRESS (as above)
  • COMPLIANCE FORM (each transfer – as above)
  • PROOF OF FUNDS (each transfer)
  • Pay-slip
  • Bank Statement
  • Receipt of bank withdrawal/credit card (Documents should contain identification such as name and account number)
  • Tax rebate receipt, house sales receipt, car sale receipt, etc
  • Inland Revenue payment slip general
  • Bank loan documents (including mortgages)

Where can I find your app?

The Azimo app is currently in development. You can still use our responsive website on any device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Can I send cash for home delivery?

Yes. But this option is currently only available for transfers to the Philippines.

*Please note that home deliveries can take between 3-7 days.

Do I have to register with Azimo to get a transfer quote?

No, you can get our exchange rates and fees by selecting the country of your choice on our home page.

You do not have to be registered to get a quote. However, please note that the rate displayed on the website might slightly differ from the live market rate you will get when placing a transfer.

Can I pay for goods and other services in other countries with Azimo?

For most countries the answer is yes. We can send money to companies to settle bills, pay for goods and carry out other payments. However, this does not include Brazil and most countries located in Asia.

Call us on one of our contact numbers ​or email us on support@azimo.com to check whether the country you wish to send money to supports this service.