Send money to Poland for£1.99

Send money quickly and safely to any bank account in Poland

2h delivery time

Save up to 90% vs. your bank

Safe, secured and FCA authorised

Pay less to send more moneywith Azimo

How much you’ll pay when sending 1000 zł?

£187.77 with £1.99 fee
£190.50 with £2.90 fee
£190.50 with £3.90 fee
£193.50 with £2.90 fee

Data presented was collected from competitors' stores on 05/12/2016

Delivery methods

SWIFT Payment

Same-day or next-day priority payments in major currencies. Banks may charge to receive these payments.
Recipient bank account has to be in SAME currency to receive transfer

Mobile top-up

Instant delivery
Add credit to your recipient’s phone for calls or SMS.

Meet our customers

Dawid Witek3 yr Azimo customer

Convenient and low cost. The fact we have so many Polish speaking staff makes a big difference…

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Why you’re making the right choice
Easy to use
Whether on desktop or mobile you’ll always know where your money is
Safe & secure
We use the same security as banks! Your money is in safe hands
Fast delivery
We deliver your money same day if transfer is made before 1pm
Top customer service
If you ever need support, we’re here to help
fee & excellent rate
Save up to 90% vs. your bank or other online money transfer provider
100% money back guarantee
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