Generous Poles Send £3billion Home a Year

September 2012

Polish migrants are earning up to four times as much in the UK as they would at home, with a large proportion of the 400,000 plus UK-based Polish community sending their hard earned cash back to Poland to cover the cost of their family’s monthly rent or mortgage, a survey has found.

Research from international money transfer service,, has uncovered that the average transaction sent to Poland each month totals £350 – the rent of a standard suburban three-bedroom house or apartment. In total, over £3 billion was sent to Poland from the UK in the last 12 months alone.

Minimum wage families in Poland survive on as little as £145 per week compared to the equivalent of the UK, in which similar families take home approximately £543.  These increased earnings lift a significant weight off the shoulders of Polish nationals, allowing them to earn enough money to support their families back home as well as covering their own UK outgoings – and more!

The ‘Polish Pound’ is increasingly being cited as a new purchasing power within the UK economy, with retailers reaping the benefits of a demographic with the tendency to participate in consumer culture, which injects a significant amount back into the UK economy.

Michael Kent, managing director and cofounder, Azimo commented on the findings: “The Polish community in the UK has steadily been on the rise since 2004. Contrary to media portrayal, approximately 90% of all Polish migrants are in full or part time employment and even run their own businesses, and our own research has uncovered that they send a significant portion of their income home each month – the equivalent of a month’s rent or mortgage repayment.

Marek Wawro, CTO and cofounder said “I’m a Polish migrant myself and know that many of us support our families back in Poland on a monthly basis. From personal experience I know that every pound saved in the UK makes a huge difference back in Poland.” is a new digital money transfer service with the best rates to 125 countries around the world. Using their PC or mobile phone Polish customers can send money to Poland either direct to bank account or for cash collection at more than 8000 branches or the Polish Post Office.

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Notes to editor

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