62% of the British population cannot name ONE famous migrant

- 13%  of people most associate migrant with the word  ‘unskilled’

- Terms associated with migrants include ‘scum’ ‘troubled’ and ‘invaders’

Monday 3rd October, 2016, London: Almost two thirds (62%) of the British population cannot name one famous migrant, failing to remember the contribution made by the likes of Marie Curie and Gandhi or more recent influencers such as Mo Farah. This is according to independent research carried out on behalf of Azimo – the digital money transfer service who undertook this campaign to highlight the issue and are working to change the negative perception of migrants.  The study of 1,000 respondents explored the perception of migrants in the UK today following key events such as Brexit and subsequent attacks on migrants.

The research revealed some differences in attitude between various areas of the UK. It also revealed the shifting opinions of different age groups, with young people much more likely to associate migrants with ‘high-income’ than older generations:

-19% of 16-24 year olds most associate migrants with ‘low-income’

-Only 2% of over 55s would most associate migrants with ‘ground-breaking’

-11% of 25-34 year olds most associate migrants with the word ‘high-income’, compared to just 0.2% of over 55s

-In Plymouth one in five people most associate migrants with the word ‘unskilled’

-Brighton is the city where the highest number of people would associate migrants with the word ‘educated’

-13%  of people most associate migrant with the word  ‘unskilled’

The survey also revealed some hostility towards migrants, as well as negative stereotypes. When respondents were asked what phrase they would most associate with the word ‘migrant’, answers included: “invaders”, “scum”, “unwelcome”, “troubled”, “scroungers”, “foreign” and “a drain on our resources”.

Commenting on the survey, Marta Krupinska, Co-Founder and General Manager at Azimo, said: “Since the EU Referendum there has been a lot of controversy over the subject of migrants and it is extraordinary to see how many people do not recognise that so many of the influential people we see every day in the media are migrants too. The negative terms people associate with migrants are also particularly shocking and upsetting that 1 in 3 migrants (32%) who live in the UK have been a target of verbal abuse.

This research is part of Azimo’s campaign to redefine the term migrant. The company has commissioned a painting featuring a number of well-known figures with a link to migration, having either a link to migration or being a migrant themselves, including Rihanna, Lionel Messi, Steve Jobs, Angela Merkel, Gandhi, Marie Curie and Mo Farah. In June 2016, Azimo launched #BetterThanThat, a project which highlighted misconceptions about migrants, with the finding that

Azimo’s BetterThanThat video features migrants and Brits reading out real tweets and online comments about migrants – watch it here.

“Migrants make a significant contribution to the UK economy, with UCL recently reporting that EU migrants’ contribution to Britain is £2bn a year. Migrants also play a key role in fuelling the growth of the tech industry. Here at Azimo, 77% of our staff are migrants. Fear and scare-mongering about migrants are causing real problems in our society – it’s not an accurate reflection of migrants or the British public. We need to celebrate people from all backgrounds and truly value the skills they bring.”


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Notes to Editor

Azimo surveyed 1,000 General UK Respondents online via Censuswide, September 2016

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