1 in 3 migrants have been a target of verbal abuse in the UK

• Abuse is despite most migrants being highly educated and highly skilled – 29% speak 3 or more languages
• Migrants and Brits read mean comments about migrants on camera: azimo.com/betterthanthat

London, UK: 1 in 3 migrants (32%) who live in the UK have been a target of verbal abuse, on average 12 times each – with the figure rising to 41% among migrants aged 16-24. That’s according to new research from Azimo, the digital money transfer service, which surveyed migrants as well as indigenous Britons to help improve understanding between the two groups in the UK today.

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Despite the shocking level of abuse they receive, the research paints a picture of highly educated, hard-working migrants very different from common perceptions. 69% of migrants surveyed were in employment or education.

Contradicting the impression that migrants entering the UK have a low level of education, 55% of the migrants said they were university-educated, compared to around 42% of the British population. 72% of native Britons think migrants earn less than the average UK salary, however on average, the highly qualified migrants earn close to £28,500 – more than the UK average salary*.

When asked how many languages they speak, 29% of migrants said they can speak three or more languages, compared to 4% of the indigenous UK population.

And despite the hostility often shown to migrants, 50% of indigenous Brits surveyed admitted, that if it was to help their families financially, they too would consider becoming migrants.

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Commenting on the research, Marta Krupinska, Co-Founder and General Manager at Azimo, said: “In the run-up to the EU referendum the debate about migration is becoming blurry with misconceptions. Running a money transfer business catering to migrants, we see hundreds of thousands of people who work hard, make a living, often succeed in their careers and support their families back home on top of all that – which is a very different view from the one often portrayed by the media.

“We decided to run the #BetterThanThat campaign to show Brits and migrants alike what the true numbers are and we hope we can add value to the conversation ahead of the June referendum. Fear and scare-mongering about migrants are causing real problems in our society – it’s not an accurate reflection of migrants or the British public. We need to celebrate people from all backgrounds and truly value the skills they bring.”

The findings of Azimo’s report, exploring perceptions of migrants, can be downloaded here.

Azimo has commissioned a short video to highlight some of the online comments aimed at migrants, in order to shock and challenge the UK. It features migrants living in the UK, and Brits, reading real tweets and online comments about migrants – watch it here.

Please share using the hashtag #BetterThanThat to increase awareness about the perception of migrants.


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Notes to Editor

Azimo surveyed 3,016 people (2,014 people born in the UK, and 1,002 migrants living in the UK) online via Censuswide, May 2016

* UK median average full-time salary of £27,600 for the year ending 5 April 2015 (ONS, Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, November 2015): http://www.ons.gov.uk/employmentandlabourmarket/peopleinwork/earningsandworkinghours/bulletins/annualsurveyofhoursandearnings/2015provisionalresults
** http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/feb/18/mass-eu-migration-into-britain-is-actually-good-news-for-uk-economy

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