How to Transfer Money Online in 3 simple steps

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    Get Started

    Registering takes seconds using Azimo's website or mobile app

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    Choose Your Recipient

    Give us details of who you want to send your money to and how you want it sent

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    Send Money

    Pay any way you like and it's done! You'll get an email with details of your transfer

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  • Get Started

    • Registering in seconds using our website or mobile app.
    • We need only basic details which we never share.
    • Or even faster, login using Facebook!

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  • Choose Your Recipient

    • Give us details of your recipient
    • Azimo can deliver to:
      • Any bank account
      • 200,000+ cash collection locations
      • Home delivery, mobile wallet and more

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  • Send Money

    • Choose the amount - we have the best rates
    • Pay for your money transfer with:
      • A debit card 
      • Internet or telephone bank transfer
    • You can track your transfer in your dashboard

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