If you’re transferring money from Denmark or Sweden you can now do it with Azimo. That’s because we’ve teamed up with Trustly to make sure that our low cost money transfer service can help hard-working migrants send Danish Krone (DKK) and Swedish Krona (SEK) home to over 190 countries worldwide.

In many ways Scandinavia is the perfect place for our service as it is increasingly becoming a cashless society. In fact, Denmark has a goal to ‘eradicate cash’ by 2030. But despite this high level of digital adoption, the 2 million migrants living in Denmark and Sweden have traditionally sent money home from high cost, high street operators.

“Sweden and Denmark are two of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan countries in Europe, where digital payment innovation is ahead of the global curve. But despite having large migrant populations, these customers have been largely under-served. We’re looking to change that, with partners like Trustly,” said Michael Kent, CEO and Founder of Azimo. “We already send money from every country in the Eurozone, and now we want to offer our fast and low-cost service in every country in Europe.”

And, best of all, as transferring money from Scandinavia can cost a lot less with Azimo as our fees are so low, this means that more money can actually get home to the people who need it. Now who’s not going to love that?

Azimo can send money in over 70 currencies, so check the rates on our homepage or download our app from Google Play or App Store to get started.