To celebrate moving to our brand new Azimo office in Krakow, we asked our lovely Polish colleagues to come up with five of the country’s biggest YouTube hits for you to enjoy.

1. Mutant Giant Spider Dog

Views: 160,036,469

This was the most viewed YouTube video in 2014, and it’s pure genius – dress up your dog as a giant, hairy tarantula, let it out on the streets at night to terrorise passers-by and film the hilarious reactions. Your Polish friends will probably tell you this video has already been seen and forgotten by everyone, but a prank as brilliant as this will never go out of date.

2. Guitar virtuoso from the streets of Katowice

Views: 9,516,213

Bearded busker Mariusz Goli is a street guitar star in his native Poland. You’re most likely to catch him in Katowice, but you might hear him strumming in other parts of the country too. His improv style is best described as a classical, flamenco and folk mash-up. He loves busking as it brings him so close to his fans, but with 9.5 million views on this video alone, he might not be on the street for too much longer.

3. Fast & Furious – Polish style

Views: 4,397,267

Welcome to the crazy world of Polish street racing, as viewed from the dashboard of a BMW M3 burning some serious rubber around downtown Warsaw. The race scene in the capital is so buzzing that thrill-seekers come from all over the world to challenge the locals or just admire the action. As Polish stuntman and former rally driver Lech Ryszewski said: ‘The Polish soul has always been drawn to horses and today it’s horsepower’. Don’t try this at home!

4. The Animated History of Poland

Views: 562,315

This eight-minute animation, put together for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, is a brilliant chance to brush up on your Polish history, with a turbulent timeline stretching from 800 AD to the present day, and taking in everyone from Boleslaw the Brave to Lech Walesa. The film was created by prominent Polish illustrator, animator and BAFTA-winning director Tomasz Bagiński.

5. Polish tongue twister

Views: 519,160

This subtitled sketch, featuring the famous ‘Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz’ tongue-twister, comes from classic Polish comedy ‘How I Unleashed World War II’ (Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową). It tells the comic adventures of a plucky but unlucky Polish soldier, Private Franek Dolas, who accidentally ends up in Germany and becomes convinced he’s started World War II. Cue scrapes galore as he tries to find his way back home.

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