At Azimo we want everyone to try our app. So right now try it for the first time and we won’t charge you a fee to transfer your money*.

And once you’ve seen how simple it is to use, we think you’ll understand why more and more people prefer it to desktop transfers.

The most obvious benefit of the app is that you can download it to your smartphone, or tablet, so it’s mobile. Which means you can transfer money anywhere, using your WiFi connection or mobile data. So with Azimo even if you’re half way up a mountain, you could still send money half way around the world.

If the idea of using your phone up a mountain sounds a bit far-fetched all we’ll say is that the way things are going it’s been estimated that by 2020 there’ll be as many mobile devices around the world as there are people on the planet.

And what’s been happening for us in Nigeria gives a clear indication of the scale of the switch to mobile. 50% of the transfers we handle in that country are now done via mobiles. And Europe is also rapidly following the trend.

We also think that people prefer the app because it fits in with how people live today. Having an icon on your phone you just tap to get started makes everything so simple. And convenient.

But convenience isn’t the only reason the change is happening. The state-of-the-art security features like Touch ID technology built into the app give you peace of mind. The ability to send messages through the app means you need never miss out when we’ve got a special offer you might like. And with the app you don’t need to tap in your card details, you just scan your card. You can even check-up on your transfer history when you’re offline.

All of which leaves us with only one question. Isn’t it time you gave the Azimo App a try?

*Excludes SWIFT and credit card fees.