It’s probably difficult to miss the fact that Ramadan, the month of celebration for Muslims the world over, is upon us. And with it, many of those observing will choose to send money online using Azimo.

One of the most important tenets of Ramadan is the giving of Zakat, charitable giving required of all Muslims.
As many Muslims choose to send money online to fulfil this purpose, international money transfer fees can quickly add up.
Here at Azimo we want to make it even easier for those observing Ramadan to send money online to pay Zakat, or just to show they care. This is why, with the promo code EID2016, you will receive an extra £10 every time you transfer more than £50.

Because we’re an online-only service our overheads are lower, meaning lower fees – and more money that can actually go towards Zakat or Sadaqah.