We live in a world of Instagram and selfies and smartphones crammed with stunning cameras. And yet the more that photography spreads everywhere, the less we seem to value it. But all that changes when you have the chance to see the work of a photographer with real talent.

Much to our surprise we have just such an individual working at Azimo. His name’s Wojtek Kogut and our prediction is that at some point in the not too distant future he’ll be recognized as a Polish photographer of rare ability. We’re mentioning this now, as an exhibition of Wojtek’s work called ‘Faces Of Streets’ opened on Monday 26th October at London Camera Club. It features candid pictures taken of members of the public in London and Alghero, Northern Sardinia.

Obviously we’re a little biased, but the work is outstanding. Wojtek manages to capture scenes from the everyday world and imbue them with a sense of the new. There’s also a lightness of touch, and almost classical stillness to his work. But, above all else, there is a sense of dignity to the people he photographs.

Wojtek comes originally from Myślenice, an hour drive from Krakow in Poland, has lived in the UK for almost 10 years and has been working with us at Azimo since March last year. Get him going on the subject of photography and how much it means to him shines through.

‘My passion and love for photography came really unexpectedly when one January day I went to London’s Chinatown to see the Chinese New Year celebrations. I started capturing candid moments, got back home, looked at the photos on my laptop and then instantly knew that this is the style of photography I want to develop.

I love the feeling when your brain starts to think what you would like to capture on that day, faces, hands, movement, shadows. I love being out there with my camera. I relax, switch off, forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life – it’s just me, the camera and the moment.’

If you have the chance, it really is worth seeking out Wojtek’s show. And years from now we’re pretty certain you’ll be smugly telling your friends you were lucky enough to see Wojtek Kogut’s second exhibition. Well, that’s what we’ll be doing.

If you can’t make it to the exhibition you can check out Wojtek’s work here: Wojtek Kogut’s Photography

‘Faces Of Streets’ is at The London Camera Club, 16 Bowden Street, London SE11 4DS, 26th October – 27th November. A private viewing will be held on 9th November from 6:30PM with musical entertainment from Phoebe Larner. Admission free.

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