We live in troubling times. And they’re especially troubling if you’re a migrant.
All that there seems to be are negative images, negative words, negative opinions.

At Azimo, we don’t recognise this world view. Our customers are mainly migrants.
And we see them as people who are building a better world. For themselves, for their families, for their communities. These are the people we serve. These are the people we want to celebrate.

So we’re not willing to stand by and say nothing when migrants are being maligned. And that’s why we created our Better Than That campaign. It’s our way of dispelling the myths about migration.

Better Than That is based on a survey of both migrants and local people in the UK, and highlights the contradiction between how migrants are perceived and the reality of their situation. It tackles issues like employment, education, crime and the claiming of benefits.

Hard-working, well educated, law-abiding.

The picture that clearly emerges is one that shows migrants as being hard-working, well educated, law-abiding, and with a remarkably low percentage claiming benefits compared to the general UK population.

We’ve also created a short, hard-hitting film that highlights the issue of the abuse that’s directed at migrants online, with both migrants and British people reading out a series of ‘mean’ messages. But ‘mean’ is too gentle a word for some of the things in the film. They really are appalling.

What is reassuring is that the British people in the film were shocked at some of the stuff being said – stuff that they ordinarily would never hear. As one of them put it: “This doesn’t seem like the country I grew up in.”

At Azimo, a company made up both of migrants and UK citizens, we believe that Britain is multi-cultural, open-minded, and welcoming. That’s why we chose the UK as the home to our business and the base from which we can work closely with our second office in Poland.

This campaign is our protest for, and our testament to, the people who come to this country and the people who live here. We are all ‘Better Than That’.

Download the Better Than That report