We’ve been very busy here at Azimo HQ over the last few weeks.

A big part of our mission is to cut the costs for people sending money home. Obviously this means that the vast majority of our customers are migrants.

Now, over the past year we’ve become increasingly frustrated/disgusted/horrified with how migrants have been portrayed in the media. And in the pre-Brexit vote period the coverage seemed even more negative and vitriolic than usual.

We think it’s time to say enough is enough. We think it’s time to make a stand.

Azimo image

That’s why we’ve decided to try and Redefine The Word Migrant. It’s our attempt to show the world the positive side of migration.

The activity kicked off last week with a preview event at Jealous Gallery in London, showcasing a painting called ‘The Migrants’, that we commissioned from the artist Eleanor Barreau. The painting features a boat filled with successful, inspiring, historically-significant individuals who are themselves migrants, or have migrant heritage.


These are people who have moved from one country to another, and achieved incredible things. They are migrants, from all parts of the globe, from all walks of life, who have made the world a better place.  This was displayed amongst some photography of migrant faces by Wojtek Kogut.

We’ve also done some research to give the painting context in terms of what people think about the word ‘migrant’ now. And we’ll be sharing what we found on the blog shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.

We want the painting to be a rallying call that kick-starts a conversation. A conversation that we think the world badly needs at the moment. We’re not a big company, with a vast budget to spend, but we think that this is such an important subject that we’re not going to stand by and do nothing.

Here are a few pictures that give you a taste of our launch event: