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Increase your income and reach people across the world.

Payment model

Earn a payout for each new customer you refer to Azimo who then sends with us.

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Simply sign up for our programme through our tracking platform, Performance Horizon.

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How to make the most from your website traffic

When you join us, our affiliate team will guide you on how to implement the variety of tools we offer. This way we can make sure you get the most out of the programme.

Remember, users tend to conver better if the content is targeted to them, so consider which country you recieve the most traffic from

Geo targeting your campaign

Advertise transfers to relevant countries that match your core audience (i.e.: if your content is about life in Colombia, then promoting our cash-pick up service in Colombia will perform better)

We provide campaigns for users across the UK, Germany, France, Spain & Italy to help ensure that your campaigns can reach the right people

Why customers choose us

Safe & secure

We work with top global banks and payment providers to ensure the safe delivery of your money.

Here for you, no matter where you send

We cover 195+ countries and support 60+ currencies. Most transfers go through in just one hour.

Users love us

We’re trusted by more than 1 million users worldwide. Thousands of transfers are made with Azimo every day.

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