About Azimo

We believe sending money abroad should be fast, easy and good value for everyone

We have created a way to send money that suits how people live today – online, mobile and social.

Our Story

Azimo was born of frustration at the money transfer industry. So much waste, cost and poor customer service. Set up by a super hard-working team, we think we've created a better way to send money overseas.

Online Only

We don't do shops. We don't do agents. We ONLY operate online so we can save you money. We are up to 85% cheaper than the High Street Banks and Online Money Transfer companies.


Based in London, we serve customers in 190+ countries, offering them convenient ways to pay and fair, transparent pricing.

Good Causes

We like to share our savings with good causes in destination countries. We encourage our users to do the same and plan to give 10% of our profits to charity.

Great Value

Whether you send money home every week or only once a year, you can make your transfers when you want to, how you want to, and all at great low prices.

Team Azimo

Everyone at Azimo respects the value of money, and knows how important transfers are to our customers. That's why we will never overcharge and we will always work hard to make sure money gets to where it needs to be, on time.

Michael is CEO & Founder
Was brought up by a Scot who showed him the value of work, money and a hard bargain. Having built up his own money transfer business he was dismayed at the high cost and poor service of stores and agents. He quit and set up Azimo to do money transfers cheaper, faster and simpler.
Marek is CTO & Founder
Has collected over £100 in coins picked up from the pavement. He has been coding since he was 8 and got his first job working for ING bank as a security consultant at 14. Marek came to the UK from Poland 10 years ago and looks after all things technical.
Richard is CMO
Richard's job is to let the world know about Azimo and keep them coming back for more. British born but European by nature, Richard has spent much of his career living and working between the UK, Italy, Sweden, France and more recently Germany (where he worked for Qype and Nokia Mapping). This has given him the unique but highly valuable ability to fluently order broadband and mobile internet in 5 languages.
Marta - Operations Manager
Ran events and then a social media start-up in Dublin, NY and London before she got started in international transfers. She knows how to run a well-organized team whilst making everyone feel special. Marta and her gang make sure our customers are happy at all times.
Karen - Business Development Manager
Has been helping people send money internationally for many years, starting off as a cashier then store manager and now heads up Business Development. There is nothing Karen doesn't know about how money transfer works and she is always thinking of ways that it can be done better.
Jolanta - Financial Controller
Not your average bean counter, Jolanta's career has spanned haute cuisine to engineering but luckily for us she settled on changing the world. She keeps tabs on the money at all times.
Bartek Lead Developer
Very rare breed of developer with the ability to develop in all weather conditions. Started building Azimo straight after graduation. Bartek loves design patterns and is obsessed with making sure that every part of the system is loosely coupled, reaching the highest cohesion levels.
Marcin is Senior Developer
Marcin is a hard-working developer with excellent attention to detail. He has the ability to crunch any framework at the speed of light. Marcin can improve our back-end api, craft front-end client and develop mobile applications, all in the same day! He joined Azimo straight after university.
Ben is head of user experience
A hard working and dedicated individual, with a keen eye for detail and quality. Ben has huge dissatisfaction for things that ‘don’t work’, and since he can remember has been fascinated with things that ‘do work’ . This energy and passion is channelled into making quality, usable and engaging websites to the highest possible standards. Ben has worked for many high profile clients such as; Citibank, The BBC, Universal Music, Hyundai, Vauxhall and many many more.
Natalia - UI Designer
Runs on sunshine but came to drizzly England to study design and has found her services in demand ever since. Guardian of the “Azimo” style, she makes sure our site is designed with real people in mind, and super simple to use.
Maeve is Marketing Creative Coordinator
Maeve takes care of a range of activities including copy-writing, creative campaign coordination and translation management – in which she combines the structured with the creative. With a portfolio career spanning a range of business and arts sectors, she is particularly passionate about clear communication and storytelling. In her spare time she can be found in London’s great museums or staring at penguins in London Zoo.
Marion is Digital Marketing Executive
Born in the Philippines but raised in the UK, Marion has everything required to understand our customers and their needs better than anyone else. Patient, kind and extremely skilled in dealing with customers, as well as a very talented content creator and a natural talent for anything online and social, Marion is at the heart of community management at Azimo.
We are always looking for people to join our team!
Feel free to send your CV to hello@azimo.com