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Azimo - the money transfer company aiming to make sending funds simpler & more cost effective than ever before.

Here at Azimo, we give you the freedom to send money when you want, how you want. We help make your time and money count for more by eliminating the need for long queues and by always being transparent with our rates & fees. All of this because we understand that it’s not just about sending money. It’s about helping to connect the world. In a time where it seems like more walls are going up, we want to help change the lives of millions of people for the better.

Our mission

Use technology to democratise financial services, making them affordable and available to all

Our vision

The better way to share money around the world, improving millions of people’s lives

Azimo’s founders

Michael | CEO & Founder

Michael Kent is an entrepreneur who’s spent the last decade building successful businesses in consumer financial services. Prior to founding Azimo he created Europe’s largest offline money transfer provider. With Azimo he wants to make sending money faster, safer, and drastically less expensive for everyone. For Michael, it’s all about better.

Marta | GM & Co-Founder

Marta Krupinska is passionate, driven and a champion of diversity. She’s built a social media network in Poland, ran events for the London Olympics and co-founded Azimo in 2012. And as an expat herself she knew that sending money home used to be expensive and a hassle. So she decided to do something about it.

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