About Azimo

We believe sending money abroad should be fast, easy and good value for everyone

We have created a way to send money that suits how people live today – online, mobile and social.

Our Story

Azimo was born of frustration at the money transfer industry. So much waste, cost and poor customer service. Set up by a super hard-working team, we think we’ve created a better way to send money overseas.

Online Only

We don’t do shops. We don’t do agents. We ONLY operate online so we can save you money. We are up to 85% cheaper than the High Street Banks and Online Money Transfer companies.


Based in London, we serve customers in 190+ countries, offering them convenient ways to pay and fair, transparent pricing.

Good Causes

We like to share our savings with good causes in destination countries. We encourage our users to do the same and plan to give 10% of our profits to charity.

Great Value

Whether you send money home every week or only once a year, you can make your transfers when you want to, how you want to, and all at great low prices.

Team Azimo

Everyone at Azimo respects the value of money, and knows how important transfers are to our customers.
That’s why we will never overcharge and we will always work hard to make sure money gets to where it needs to be, on time.

Michael is CEO & Founder

Was brought up by a Scot who showed him the value of work, money and a hard bargain. Having built up his own money transfer business he was dismayed at the high cost and poor service of stores and agents. He quit and set up Azimo to do money transfers cheaper, faster and simpler.

Marta is Co-Founder & GM

Marta is no stranger to fast-growth businesses having run her own start-up as well as project managed big events before returning to London to disrupt the world of money transfers. A perpetual expat herself – she’s lived in Krakow, Dublin and New York – she knows our customers and business inside out. The only thing that makes her happier than a high performing team and satisfied customers is a swim in the canal after work.

Marek is CTO & Founder

Has collected over £100 in coins picked up from the pavement. He has been coding since he was 8 and got his first job working for ING bank as a security consultant at 14. Marek came to the UK from Poland 10 years ago and looks after all things technical.

Jakob is Head of Finance

Jakob is the man who knows where all the money is 24hrs a day! An Austrian who was born in Germany, he lived in the US, France, Italy and Switzerland before coming to London to join Azimo. He has worked for banks and consulting firms but has decided that he would rather invest his energy in Azimo’s mission to help build the world’s best money transfer business. Living in so many countries, hobbies have switched from snowboarding to hiking to strolling along the canal with a warm ale.

Adam is Junior PHP Developer

Adam met Azimo through Marcin when they studied together. When the opportunity arose to work for us he grabbed it with both hands as he had been told many times “Adam, join Azimo! You’ll develop yourself and also make a real difference to the world”. In his spare time he likes to read books outside and go cycling.

Anna is Translation Manager

Polish by birth and German at heart Anna feels quite at home living in cosmopolitan London and being part of Azimo’s international family. She has a passion for foreign languages and cultures and believes in Nelson Mandela’s words “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” She wants to live by these words and loves that Azimo lets her do this as the company cares about the hearts of our customers. In her free time she loves to travel, cook and dance till early morning.

Bamby is Country Manager - France

Bamby is our country manager for France. Born in north west Africa, raised in France and now living in London, she loves travelling and discovering new cultures. Like every migrant she found it hard to leave her home country but took the opportunity to work and study in the UK. In her spare time Bamby also likes trying new recipes and she’s been known to try some improvised Salsa and Bachata steps!

Bartek is Lead Developer

Bartek is very rare breed of developer with the ability to develop in all weather conditions (you need that in England where it’s usually raining!). He started building Azimo straight after graduating from university. Bartek loves design patterns and is obsessed with making sure that every part of the system is loosely coupled, reaching the highest cohesion levels (developer speak for making it look pretty and easy to use!).

Dora is Business Development

Dora is a true global explorer, although she makes no comment on whether she indeed owns a light blue monkey, or how many maps she keeps in her backpack. With 10+ years experience in international banking, she’s lived in Argentina, France, Germany, Greece, Singapore and the US. Along the way she learned first hand the troubles and frustrations with the old-crusty model of international money transfers. She now finds herself in London, where her job is to find out where to go next — a task she (and her monkey) tackles with gusto.

Joanna is Customer Care Team Leader

Joanna originally comes from Poland but has studied in Scotland, travelled in Latin America, lived in Chile and has taught English Literature in Hong Kong – all that before making the move to Azimo. Her cultural experience along with genuinely wanting to help make life easier for expats and migrants is a winning combination. Joanna enjoys the simple life with complex poems, photography and films.

Manjot is Business Analyst

SELECT business_analyst – FROM world.data_analysts – WHERE has_worked_for IN (‘Lovefilm’, ‘Asos’) – AND interests IN (‘music’, ‘gigs’, ‘football’, ‘general filth’) – AND place_of_birth = ‘London’ – AND parents_origins = ‘Punjab – India’ – AND languages_spoken IN (‘english’, ‘punjabi’, ‘hindi’, ‘german’) – ORDER BY experience_points, – knowledge_points. Manjot is our data analyst – yes he speaks in code!

Marcin is Senior Developer

Marcin jumped straight in the deep end and joined Azimo right after university. He is a hard-working developer with the super-human skills to crunch any framework at the speed of light. He works day in and out to improve our back-end api, craft front-end client and develop mobile applications!

Mateusz is Intern Developer

Mateusz is in his final year at University studying Electronics and Telecommunication, putting his learning into practice at Azimo. He supports building the webpage and testing applications, to make sure that our customers have a fast, safe and simple journey. After work he likes to play football and volleyball.

Natalia is Graphic Designer

Natalia is fueled by sunshine but came to wet and cold England to study design and has found her services in demand ever since. She is the guardian of the “Azimo” style and is always ensuring our website is designed with real people in mind, and super simple to use.

Patrick is Business Development Manager

Trained in writing and journalism, Patrick has worked for several magazines and has ventured into the world of business development prior to joining Azimo, working with various businesses across Africa and China. He has a passion for cinema, film music and wine (‘pinot noir’ among his favourites) and also loves wearing ties (which we have banned from the Azimo office).’

Pawel.U is Back-end developer

Pawel has always had the desire and wish to solve everyday problems – a dream which shaped his career path with studying computer science in Olsztyn, Poland. For a while he was working as a freelance web developer but when the chance to work for Azimo arose he took the opportunity to help to rid the world of old fashioned money transfer and to build Azimo into an amazing customer experience. In his spare time he likes to read books and program computers.

Pawel.W is Quality Assurance Specialist

Pawel understands exactly what a project is about and has a careful attention to detail as well as a broad range of experience and skills that help him to improve AZIMO by creating software for bank transfers to immediately merge with AZIMO, ensuring our customers always have a quick and safe transaction. Since he was 2 he has loved computers so we dare not disconnect him or he will die. After hours he develops his own multicopter platform…we’re not sure what that is either!

Pedro is Country Manager - Spain

Pedro is a real globetrotter and has lived in four different countries, from his native Mexico to Spain, France and the UK. He has worked for fashion, alcohol and automotive companies and understands how important it is to speak the language of our customers in order to create long lasting friendships worldwide. He is always wearing a smile, but never dare to invite him to do Karaoke, you might regret it!

Przemek is Customer Care Specialist

After building his career as an export specialist he felt a need of change and started to search for new career opportunities and challenges. Determined to join an extraordinary project, one that both really matters and where he could work with a group of amazing and creative people, he decided to join the customer support team at Azimo. After work Przemek is our own Azimo ninja, he likes martial arts and is fascinated by the Russian culture and language.

Stefan is Relationship Manager

Originally from Romania, Stefan lived in Italy before coming to England to study Law and International Relations. With his great talent for foreign languages and a flare for interacting with people from different backgrounds and from all over the world, Azimo was the right place to put his talents to use. In his spare time Stefan likes to learn more languages, dance and cycle.

Tatiana is Bookkeeper

Tatiana is not only Russian but also from the wilds of Siberia and is now our numbers queen in London. After working in everyday accounts roles she saw Azimo as a way to help to create new technological solutions to help create fast, easy transfers of money. She loves to study and constantly wants to learn new things so Azimo was a match made in heaven. In her spare time she not only studies but also has her own fashion website.

Tommy is Customer Care Specialist

After several years being enslaved by corporates across Europe, Tommy took a chance with Azimo to prove there are companies on Earth who still care about both their customers and employees. When not making all our customers feel special, Tommy is a German language voice-over speaker! He also used to like making dark electronic music…but not anymore as he is just too happy for this kind of music since he joined Azimo.

Wojtek is Channel Marketing Manager

Wojtek keeps the Azimo story alive in offline marketing ensuring we speak directly to our customers, wherever they may be. A passionate photographer, in his spare time Wojtek loves to travel the world and engage with people from different cultures and communities, capturing ‘real-life’ moments from behind the lens!

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